The dental clinic of Dr. Mariano Escudero Piñel.

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Your Dental Clinic in El Médano (Tenerife – Canary Island)

Welcome to DentalMEP

In El Médano, now all the odontology solutions at your fingerprints.

Because in the new dental clinic of Dr. Mariano Escudero you will find all the most innovative treatments to smile again.

Come to discover the new professional team specialized on Implants, Periodontologics and Orthodontics. Ask for information without obligation.

Dr. Mariano Escudero Piñel

GDC NO. 38000980

Qualified in Odontology by the Universidad of Murcia. Spanish nationality. Mastership on Oral Surgery and Implants, Mastership on Implants by the University of New York, Postgraduate on Oral Surgery (University of Buenos Aires), Postgraduate on Implant Surgery (Madrid). Postgraduate on Advanced Periodontics Surgery (Madrid), Residence on Advanced Surgery and Sinus Rise (Surgery Academy). Exclusive dedication to surgery, implants and prosthesis. Member of the Spanish Oral Surgery Society and of the Spanish Asociation of Priodontics and Osseointegration. Practiotioner of implant and surgery activities. Registered in the official odontologic surgery association of Tenerife. Languages: Spanish, English and French.


All Dental Solutions in one dental clinic.

In DentalMep we always use first brand, correctly produced and tested materials. Bio-matched. Perfectly designed  and guaranteed for any treatment.

  • Smile Digital Design

    Get the smile you want thanks to the dental aesthetic planning through the Smile Digital Design with an exclusive 3D technology.

  • Implants With Immediate Charge

    Discover a new implant treatment for one, several or all your dental pieces thanks to a new technique based on recovering your oral aesthetic and functionality since the first session.

  • 3D Odontology

    Combining the oral exploration, the CAD/CAM design and the 3D printing, every treatment is effective and guaranteed.

  • Invisible Orthodontics

    Discover a new comfort, transparent and removable way to straighten and to align your teeth without notice.

  • Dental CT with facial scanning

    Obtain a detailed diagnosis thanks to the computerized evolution of the x-rays. ·D image of the maxilla structure to diagnosis the most suitable treatment.

  • Child Odontology

    Treat on time any dysfunction can help to avoid aesthetic or functional problems in the future. We provide the right professional team to improve your son’s smile.

  • Rehabilitation and mandibular physiotherapy

    The only clinic in Tenerife where a specialist works on mandibular articulation once a week. Specific rehabilitation for an optimal functioning and occlusion.



Where to find us

Avda. Magallanes, esquina con C/ Mediterráneo, 4

(38612) El Médano, Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Phone: +34 922 179 559


Working hours

Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 20:00.

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